Monday, July 23, 2012

1 of 100 Suchness of Wicked Problems through Nemetic Lenses

Wicked Problems arise from consequences of 'dynamic iterations of processes'


“Dynamic iterations of processes” (memory, learning, eating, walking, designing, beating of hearts, economics, living etc) which is central to our continued existence as human species is also the cause of creating 'wicked problems'. Far from being an ordered system that we might like it to be, dynamic iteration of processes continually shape and change our environment forcing us to constantly adapt to such changes, failing which, we create our own wicked problems.

What initially starts out as an ordered system invariably veers towards complexity upon dynamic iteration of a process, which occasionally slips into chaos to create new dynamic orders and forms that replace previous situations. Undoubtedly the dynamism processes when repeated over and over again generate various consequences. These consequences emanating from iterative processes create 'Wicked Problems' that nag us.

When caught between wicked problems, we yearn for safe ways to wriggle out from its clutches. But it is difficult unless the processes, which are dynamic systems, aren't changed or modified or redesigned according to contextual reality we face. However, we would not like to change any present system unless the returns from the present system are so meagre that it is no longer possible to live with some sense of human dignity and emotional well being.

For example, embracing the industrial age gave us huge benefits that enabled us to live better than what we did during our engagement with 'agricultural age'. But it also brought along with it a wide gamut of 'wicked problems' that we often find so difficult to eliminate or address like 'poverty', 'unemployment', 'pollution', 'water crisis', 'education', 'health care', 'child labor', 'broken homes', 'crimes', 'wars', and 'new diseases' like obesity, bird flu, AIDS, ADD etc.

Needless to say that it is impossible to like these problems. And some of us intensely pine for a different life or outcome. But is that possible?

It is immanently clear that the efforts we have so far initiated to address the 'wicked problems' are far from reassuring. However, it is also clear that necessary changes might be brought about though 'collective action' informed by changes in cognition and collective consciousness.

It depends on our ability to 'innovate' in such ways so as to resolve “man made wicked problems” faced by us, humbly acknowledging the fact that the 'wicked problems' can only be resolved when the necessary conditions to resolve them (to be dealt in the next chapter) exist.

Nemetics as a discipline is exploited not only to understand the world around us but also the gain necessary insights to remain in step or sync with the dynamics of our present 'means of reproduction' (the iterated process) which in many ways resemble the random, erratic and often chaotic dance of Shiva. The events around us shape our consciousness and change our behavior, which in turn enable us to engage in uniquely redesigning our present systems for the better.


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